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Sep 19, 2009 2:00pm EDT
: shoop has a lot of experience as an nfl assistant. low snap, nice job by yates. not only did he pick it up but he got it to ryan houston right in full stride and houston goes forward for nine yards. >> ray: you mentioned john shoop at the age of 31, was the offensive coordinator for the chicago bears. the youngest ever in the national football league. >> pam: that's him on the right with the carolina hat. you got to like this drive. he'll draw something back with we come back. on a road trip i map out the cheapest gas stations so i can save a few bucks, we can spend it on dog food, bags of it so we use a credit card that gives us cash back. it's always good to buy only solid colored wrapping paper, it's good for every occasion like a new snow blower, i got it off season, half price, it's a man machine, it's aggressive (announcer) at citi, we know everyone's talking about spending smarter. and we've got lots of ways to help. like credit cards with cash back. because we all have to spend, so let's be smart about it. that's why citi never sleeps. be a watercraft engineer? where can a do
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 2:30pm EDT
meyer may want to have his team score some points tonight. and now t.j. yates goes out. his team only up by a touchdown. would love to burn some of that 6:15 remaining in the game. erik highsmith, the true freshman, breaks away. the true freshman with a ton of talent with a huge gain. all the way up to the 42 yard line. >> ray: they've been running this kind of play all day. just a one-man screen on the outside. and dekota marshall is going to get kind of rolled over in this tacklep you will see they released mike ingersoll the right tackle and that forced the corner over there, darryl reynolds, he missed it. kind of ducked down. marshall missed it from the other side and highsmith was off and running. >> pam: that was a 43-yard play for highsmith, who has five catches, over 100 yards and a touchdown today. >> ray: boy, he came on the scene last week, as we mentioned, pam. and all of a sudden, those big shoes of those receivers who left the tar heel program last year, they're filled. they're filled by that guy right there. >> pam: first career 100-yard gain for the true freshman. he didn
Sep 12, 2009 6:00pm EDT
is now officially yates field. the baltimore county school superintendent joined dignitaries today for the dedication of the field in honor of the park hill coach. he was the first african- american head coach. yates, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 83, coached the team more than a decade. >>> early this morning, the orioles earned their first ever win at yankee stadium. 10 hours later, back on the field again, top two, facing a.j., he gets all over that. a 15th home run of the season. same inning, bases loaded, brian roberts, my goodness. it is gone, a fifth career grand slam. robinson cano, the weak pop fly to left. he can hit and he concealed. fearlessly into the stands, he hangs on. -- he can hit and he can field. fearlessly he goes into the stands. he hangs on. seven-three the final, the orioles going for the sweep in new york sunday. >>> navy opened up their season nearly pulling of the greatest upset in school history, facing columbus. today against louisiana tech. first quarter, louisiana tech up 7-0. he is leaving lots of guys around trying to catch him. it down the
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
down with a 36-yarder. >> ray: t.j. yates outstanding in the first half. started early with this touchdown pass to highsmith on the corner route. and then he goes the one deep shot he took all day to jheranie boyd. boyd bobbled it but brought it in and then the slant route coming back the other way to joshua adams and t.j. yates on target and the only three in completions in the entire first half. >> pam: the junior missed last of -- or half of last year with an injury. back there as a starting quarterback. picked up four yards on that play. and we mentioned all of the new wide receivers, all five wide receivers from last year, gone. three of them picked in the national football league draft. but he said they put in a lot of extra time over this summer to click with his new receivers. >> ray: and you can see some of that paying off for him. this is the best his offense has looked. >> pam: draughn gets it right up the middle. he's able to spin forward for a couple of yards. wide receivers, you lose guys like hakim knicks, brandon tait and foster and you enter a couple of
Sep 25, 2009 5:00am EDT
de esta manera que el público cubano se portó a la altura, mucha juventud. >>> yate dije que no voy a hablar de eso sola todo positivo cuba y la gente de cuba es una mar vi ya. >>> feliz, gracias a la gente de cuba. >>> mira, mira, ella me va a reemplazar, chao . >>> vas a perder bastante negocio con nosotros, comunista. >>> bueno, juanes se marchó rápidamente como ven y bueno vamos a mencionar esto, él bacán tar en la gala y buscar apoyo para su fundación que ayuda any nos colombianos de escasos recursos. >>> tenemos imágenes del cantante en su visita a cuba recibió a los integrantes del grupo cubano los aldeanos y con el hijo de silvio rodríguez veamos qué les dijo. >>> hoy habló con el ministro y le dije que....... >>> yo hubiese querido. >>> yo sé # es bien difícil que tenga que venir alguien de afuera para nosotros poder cantar. >>> pero hombre estamosquí y ustedes tienen que levantar sus ojos y frente... # bueno, este encuentro organizado por juanes que pidió reunirse con ellos y les dio ánimo y esperanza tras decirles que le recriminó al ministro abel prieto.
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 3:00pm EDT
.j. yates drops back and launches one. jheranie boyd makes the tough catch. 59 yards later, 14-7, north carolina. >> a big concern for north carolina, losing those great receivers from last year. and as you saw in this game today, some of those young guys really starting to step up. >> next, east carolina possession, dwayne harris takes snap. runs it in for the score. tied at 14-14. ryan houston takes the handoff. fights his way into the end zone. 31-17, and that would be the final. and robert, you talked about the kicking game. we did, speaking of off-the-air conversations, what is your concern with in in one? >> i think it can be the forgotten phase of games so many times. there are hidden yards and hidden points really in special teams you know what i look back into that first half, there was a play where east carolina had an opportunity to block a punt here. guys got to get to the block point. you don't go for the block where the punter is. you have to go where the punt will come off of his foot. he only got a 28-yard punt out of that but they ended up turning the ball over. north c
Sep 22, 2009 9:00am EDT
... "super scooper," sent in by james yates from ann arbor, michigan. jasmine, come back around here. why'd you do that? why did you do that? i didn't. you did do it. you just did it. come here, baby. "skateboard of education," sent in by art spiegel from atlanta, georgia. on your left. on your right, i mean. oh, man. i am going to be so late for my safety class. just kidding. yeah, i'm fine. and "breakfast bonfire," sent in by steven and margie norman from seattle, washington. wouldn't be good if we got a fire going here. [ alarm beeping ] good morning. all right, audience. do what you always do at this point in the show. vote. jess: one of these clips is worth $10,000. will it be "super scooper," "skateboard of education," or "breakfast bonfire"? find out which one when "america's funniest videos" returns. over 100 hd channels and $150 back..... yes, yes and yes nice, what about you? the best of intentions. (announcer) with $150 back, there's never been a better time to switch to fios. unlike cable, fios delivers 100% true fiber optics straight to your home. for hd picture quality that
Sep 4, 2009 5:00am EDT
and independence. moments later, he slammed into the side of the yates building home to the u.s. forest service. a witness described what he saw. >> we were up by the capitol building and just walking down towards the jeff are son memorial and saw the car being pursued by the police but it was going very slowly. >> shortly before 8:00, the police were able to remove the victim and he was transported to a local hospital. his injuries are nonlife- threatening. >> the suspect is in custody. >>> a metrobus struck a woman and it is unclear who is at fault. it happened at the florida and connecticut avenues during rush hour. metro will have to use d.c. crime cameras as evidence because the recording device was missing from the bus. witnesses say the accident terrified him. >> she was in the middle of street in front. bus and she was screaming so she was conscious at the time. >> she was saying a want to say something butthen she would pass out. we were telling her to hang in there, hang in there. >> the victim is 30-year-old amanda mke. she is a house staffer serving as a communications director for
Sep 7, 2009 9:00am EDT
are going to hostdown saturday -- host lansdown saturday. the dedication of yates field will take place at 12:30. coach yates died in 2006 at age 83. and coached the knights from 1971 to 1981. we always beat them. we'll always beat them. i'll make sure of that. he was behind this as far as dedicating the field. >>> if you have something going on in your community, share it with us, we'll share it with everybody else. morningshow@wmar.comm. >>> don't forget our cup of joe. if you have a business, organization, charity you want to see on the air, cup of joe, 6400 york road, baltimore, 21212. >> we'll be right back. the irresistible "cinnabon" aroma of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best until the grands are on the table" grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? for money saving coupons go to... >>> time for today's top five. they are the top home-buying blunders according to msn money. number five, overly aggressive buying >> rushing into a foreclosed property. >> number three is not scouring for deals. >> number two,
Sep 28, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. it was he mace yated and drinking water from a drainage ditch along this stretch of highway. cathy says it's typical for people to dump unwanted pets in the middle of nowhere like this, but again the dog's demeanor convinced her there was more to the story. so she did some detective work and what she found is a heart-wrenching tale of unending loyalty. >> she was hoping her family would come back but they couldn't. they couldn't come back. it just breaks your heart. >> reporter: cathy found the first clues to this mystery where near where they found the dog. >> all this broken glass and taillights and the ground was all torn up. >> reporter: just down from there, a second set of even more intriguing clues. >> these items had been gathered up over --. >> reporter: gathered up. >> yes. >> reporter: by the dog, she assumed. >> it was like she was sleeping with them, or waiting there with them. >> reporter: she took this picture with her cell phone and gathered the items. they were mostly random personal things. truth brush, comb, razor, a candle that said michelle. but nothing that would expl
Sep 25, 2009 6:30pm EDT
there was a long train, a boxcar. >> reporter: they found a train, holding nearly 2500 e has yated jewish prisoners. many, just children. being moved from the bergen-belsen concentration came top although camp, and certain death. their german guards had just abandoned them, fleeing the americans. >> feeling of helplessness. what are we going to do with all these people? >> we had never, ever seen anything so filthy. >> reporter: the american soldiers fed the prisoners, and brought them to safety. >> for 42 years, i collected anything that i could to try to find any article regarding that train. it just didn't exist. >> reporter: but mr. rosell's class put their interviews with veterans up on a website, along with these photographs, taken by the american soldiers. >> just very courageous people. little girls who with big smiles on their faces. one with their arms out. just aware that the americans are there. >> reporter: out there, on the web, holocaust survivors, all around the world began to notice. >> how many people going to have a picture of their moment of liberation forever? >> reporter: a re
Sep 24, 2009 5:00pm EDT
público cubano se portó a la altura, mucha juventud. >>> yate dije que no voy a hablar de eso sola todo positivo cuba ya gentee cuba es una mar vi ya. >>> feliz, gracias a la gente de cuba. >>> mira, mira, ella me va a reemplazar, chao . >>> vas a perder bastante negocio con nosotros, comunista. >>> bueno, juanes se marchó rápidamente como ven y bueno vamos a mencionar esto, él bacán tar en la gala y buscar apoyo para su fundación que ayuda any nos colombianos de escasos recursos. >>> tenemos imágenes del cantante en su visita a cuba recibió a los integrantes del grupo cubano los aldeanos y con el hijo de silvio rodríguez veamos qué les dijo. >>> hoy habló con el ministro y le dije que....... >>> yo hubiese querido. >>> yo sé # es bien difícil que tenga que venir alguien de afuera para nosotros poder cantar. >>> pero hombre estamos aquí y ustedes tienen que levantar sus ojos y frente... # bueno, este encuentro organizado por juanes que pidió reunirse con ellos y les dio ánimo y esperanza tras decirles que le recriminó al ministro abel prieto. >>> estrena nuevo disco carl
Sep 9, 2009 5:00pm EDT
the last couple years look at the numbers against the nats. >> these numbers, it knauss yates -- that's yates me. 20 rbi, 8 home run, that's a lot of racking the baseball. he said this guy, he mentioned bonds and those guys. he's had three seasons in a row hit over 100 rbi, 123 one year. 33 home run, 5 times over 20 home runs. >> you look at the fact that you have chase utley and howard in front of you. you will see different pitches. maybe i can relax. >> the key to a lot of these guys that are good big league hitters is they put on ballclubs that have real deep lineup and this club is deep. there's no chance you will be able to just cruise through an inning and not a pitch or two there's guys that will hit the ball if you make mistakes. you have to be on your game, not just for 7 innings but 110, 115, 120 pitches. >> one guy that scouted ryan zimmerman was the director of scouting. dana brown. he will join us to talk about the future of nationals including mr. strasburg. stay tuned. nats xtra is conning after this. did you know fios has a multi-room dvr? so you can record in one roo
Sep 18, 2009 7:00pm EDT
builders inside discretionary consumer spending and finally the treasury and the fed are debreesh yating the dollar. i'm going to come back to steve moore and give him his due. i think in the long run steve may be right. but this stuff, on top of the fact that hedge funds missed this, mutual funds missed this, the wall of worry is still there, that's why i don't think this baby is over yet. >> and $3 trillion still sitting in money market to buy every dip that comes along. here's my problem. i hear bob and i like to see these improvements in corporate profitabili profitability, but they're coming as a result of cost productions because top lines are generally falling. and my real problem is when does end unit demand pull actually able sustain profitability. longer term if that lags, steve moore is going to be right. >> i want to start with the fed and easy money and the dollar, okay? the fed is much more powerful than government spending and borrowing. if you borrow from peter to transfer spending to paul, there's no net anything. but the fed creates money, okay? their balance sheet has
Sep 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
cada vez mÁs automatizados los yates. >> la tecnologÍa estÁ presente desde la fabricaciÓn aunque a veces son pequeÑos detalles los que hacen la diferencia. esta cÁmara en la punta de un sÚper voto de 52 dÍas, permite ver mÁs allá. y tambiÉn hay una en el motor. si la pasiÓn por el mar es grande y el presupuesto pequeÑo, hay otras alternativas@ tieneno, Í com olla ademÁs suspensiÓn para amortiguar el impacto sobre las olas. >> antes no podÍa decidir cuÁndo parar ahora puedes presidir. uno llega mucho mÁs descansado ahora. >> y en el tema de comunicaciones, estos rabiosos satelitales siguen funcionando aunque se sumergen bajo el agua. tienen gps pero para orientarse mÁs y mejor está este sofisticado equipo. >> tiene una cÁmara diurna para ver en alta definiciÓn todo lo que ocurre alrededor del bote. tambiÉn tiene visiÓn nocturna para detectar objetos y luces mejor que nuestros ojos. y ademÁs tienen sisisma tÉrmico que detecta el calor en los cuerpos alrededor. >> algo mÁs que calor es lo que producen estos exÓticos diseÑos. la tecnomanÍa le permitía un
Sep 3, 2009 10:00pm EDT
this suspect ended up crashing right here in this area into the front entrance ever the yates building which is the u.s. forestry building. >> we were up by the capitol building, and just walking down -- in this direction toward the jefferson memorial and saw the car being pursued by the police but it was going very slowly. >> shortly before 8:00 the police were able to remove the victim from the vehicle. he was assessed and checked by paramedics. a short time later transported to a local hospital. his injuries are nonlife- threatening. >> reporter: right now as you can see, police are still in the process of searching that car. what they're doing right now is they're trying to make sure there aren't any explosives or anything dangerous inside the car. their astill working -- they're still working on finding out who the person was driving this car really s. he's in the hospital right now. they have removed him from the scene. they're continuing their investigation. if we get more details on this, we'll get back to you, shawn and brian. >> wisdom martin, thank you. >>> now to another big sorr
Sep 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
, he rammed another car in southwest. he then slammed into the side of the yates building. the suspect was hospitalized and is expected to be okay. he is now in police custody. police checked the car to make sure nothing dangerous was in inside. >>> it is still unclear who is at fault in a metrobus accident. the bus struck a jogger at the intersection of florida and connecticut avenues yesterday. investigators are using crime cameras to you no look at the accident because a recording device was missing from bus. police think the jogger was in the crosswalk when she was struck. >>> a reminder if you plan to taking metro trains to or from reagan natial airport th holiday weekend. that will be one of thee stops closed all wekend. those stops are closing at we9: tonight until tuesday morning for maintenance. also, the crystal cityand pentagon city metro stros opwil be closed. crews will perform concrete and deck joint repairs and install cable to upgrade cell phone service. >>> the late unemployment numbers are going to be released later this morning. august unemployment rate is expected t
Sep 4, 2009 11:00am EDT
over. instead that person rammed another car in southwest. he then slammed into the side of the yates building in northwest. the suspect was hospitalized and is expected to be okay. he is now in police custody. >>> we avif, n emrernd if you're planning on taking metro to or from reagan national, three stops will close tonight at 9:00. 'l'stay closed unti tuesday morning because of maintenance work there. the unreagan national, crystal city and pentagon city stops will be closed. crews will install cable to upgrade cell phone service. >>> caught on camera, an amazing rescue at sea. a man jumps from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. we'll tell you why and how he was plucked from the sea. >>> plus fresh legal and aid with a sweet service. >>> and readyea r for this? deep fried butter. it wows them at eathe texas sta fair. you can heck out that story at >> my arteries are clogging up already. >> i can hear them. >>> checki head lines this midday from around the world. north korea has announced it's in the final days of enrichingure and yum. experts have suspected the
Sep 4, 2009 9:00am EDT
and crashed in to another car. then the cadillac smashed to the scaffolding outside of the yates building on 14th street. that houses the usda and forest service. the driver was taken in to custody and treated for minor injuries. the building wasn't damage. >>> police have identified a jogger hit by a metro bus yesterday. the 34-year-old was hit at florida and connecticut avenues. she's in stable condition. the bus was not in service at the time. the incident is under investigation. well, you have been warned. taking the metro in virginia will be a big hassle this holiday weekend. this is what you need to know. starting tonight at 93 o the pentagon city, crystal city and national airport stations will be closed and will be closed until tuesday morning. metro is setting up a bunch of shuttle buss that will run from the pentagon to braddock road to franconia springfield. metro will have a dozen workers pointing you in the right direction but be sure to tack on a half hour to your trip. >>> parts of prince about ty co makeover. think rwdeundeo dewin thin triangle mmcoy.itun they have demol
Sep 9, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. what differ yen yates now is price last year never confirmed. here, price is starting to confirm. so what we're suggesting here is that the reits market is on the verge of breaking to the top side. we like the underlying sector. that ultimately has got to be a good sign for the equities at the end of the year as well. >> what would get you some cautious on the u.s. market? we're talking about a move of 50%? better than 50% since the lows in march? 128% higher on financials alone. any of these valuations concern you? >> no. we came a long way from where we were last year. we're still significantly below in percentage terms where we were 12 months ago. what would we see. the question we always ask is, it's not about where are you right, but where are you wrong. if we're wrong in the bullish end of september, we'll watch the bond market to see if it catches an aggressive bid. global markets, china, india, russia, europe, stop outperforming, technology, stops outperforming. none of these things are happening. if we start to see those signs, we'll reverse our trajectory pretty quickly. in
Sep 10, 2009 3:00pm EDT
else differential yates this phone and how much is it going to retail for? >> well, one of the biggest differential yagss we have is a service that we call moto blur. what it does, it ag degree gates your estimates, e-mail, myspace, facebook, flicker, twitter, all of these different ways that people communicate today, ag degree gates it, puts it in a simple wij it in your home screen. so you can touch it and get all of your messages in one feld swoop. and i think that is a fundamental difference yags. all your contacts are put together in one place. the fastest growing segment in messaging is networking. we are addressing that segment extremely well. >> mr. jha, one final question for you. one of the reasons you were brought onboard as co-ceo and ceo of the mobile division is because motorola had plans to spin off the mobile division as its own company, or maybe even possibly be an acquisition target for some. when does this unit get spun off into its own independence, or are you on the acquisition trail that you're looking for a suitor? there's talk that dell is looking for a wireless
Sep 2, 2009 1:00am EDT
of the residents that had been evak yated have been allowed back in their homes tonight. but there are still thousands of people under mandatory evacuations and told to stay out of their homes. >> but there are people who don't want to leave their homes even though they've been warned that authorities are not held responsible, right? >> reporter: absolutely. we talked to some of them today. there really seems to be two sort of thought processes when you talk to these people. there is the group that have everything packed. they have the suvs or station wagons packed to the limit and they're just waiting for that last second. they have their escape route all planned out. and then there the group that claim they are hunkering down, going down with the ship if they have to. or they're going to fight this fire as it approaches their home. they have the sprinklers out and have pumps going into pools. those are the people that law enforcement folks are most concerned about. they say those people are really putting their own lives in danger. of course, not just people but animals have to be evacuate
Sep 19, 2009 1:00am EDT
. and to suggest, you know, for people to suggest that it is, that alien yates people. you know, it doesn't actually help the democrats politically to think this is about racism. >> tony, do you believe the democrats want to have this conversation? >> you know, i don't know. it clearly is convenient that this card of racism is often played when they get down to the bottom of the deck and their ability to debate the real issue here. i hope it's true that next week it's over and we can go back to talking about health care. and talk about the really fundamental things of health care in which we agree upon. that is that everybody in this country should have access to affordable health care. i'm hoping we can get to that debate and get this behind us. it's not constructive. >> joe, from a political perspective, certainly the president clearly does not want to be discussing this. >> it doesn't seem like it. on the other hand, there are some congressional democrats who think it's a little bit simpler and there is also that question of bringing in the democratic base. they've been all over the pl
FOX News
Sep 25, 2009 9:00am EDT
at "america's newsroom." megyn has given birth to a beautiful, healthy young boy. the name edward yates. 7 pounds, 10 ounces. thanks to the technology of blackberry, they can let us know what is happening inside. alisyn: he is named after his two grandfathers'. mom and baby are doing great. she is probably not watching. bill: i think there is a chance, actually. her husband is a great man. they certainly found a lot of love when they were married. they have got a beautiful baby into the world today. taking it easy, i get better, en
Sep 14, 2009 3:00pm EDT
afterwards, which i think i appreciate yated. >> a congressional aide today tells nbc news that south carolina congressman james clyburn, a democrat, told wilson last week that rahm, referring to rahm emanuel is not a member of this body, again referring to wilson's call to the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel to apologize to the president and suggesting that clyburn wants an apology to the lawmakers in the house. >> david, in the bigger picture, did congressman wilson's action embolden republicans fighting to defeat health care reform? congressman steve king of iowa has circulate adler to fellow house republicans urging them to come to wilson's defense. in part it reads, "we urge that you hold your ground against those who seek partisan advantage and reject all demand for additional redress. like you, we will not be muzzled." joining us live from capitol hill is the author of that letter, congressman stephen king of iowa. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what is the core of why congressman wilson shouldn't apologize to members of congress, not the white ho
Sep 18, 2009 7:00pm EDT
the people who still want th public option. i think they ha unconscisly ca pit yate -- capitulated, theyon't realizit yet. they are going throughhe stages. buthen there are other people who will say it's really iortant we subside people at the lower or even midlevel so they can afford health insurance, those who don't have it. and as ruth ss, those subsidies really an't ere the same as here. >> so ruth if you -- but for setor baucus o is trying to gethis through, the white house wantso get something, where does it g from here. >> ihink the architecture of what is going t get to the senate floor and cme out of conference if we get that farand i think we willis going t resemble the baucus bill mor than 's going to resemble any other bi. but there are lots of poteial changes to be made along the way. not just on the subsidies but also on who might be eligible for the exchanges. and also maybe some additions that could be put in there th might just mite hope springs eternal, be able to attract a few republican votes or at lst keep some the moderate democrats a little calmer. things like a mo s
Sep 11, 2009 1:05am EDT
peter yates, who was the director of "breaking away." and he said, "don't do it. good things will happen to you." >> conan: but that takes a lot of -- i mean, first of all, you said you're offered this part in a tv show. you say, "no, i'm not going to do it." >> right. >> conan: your film that -- your film that you have made, you haven't hit yet, has not come out. >> yeah. >> conan: and then what happens when you're sitting there and you're watching that show become one of the biggest shows of the late '70s? >> well, i was actually kind of glad i didn't do it today because it was -- >> conan: really? you get to slide across the hood of that car? >> if they're going to redo it, i'm available. >> conan: yeah. [ laughter ] you would? you would be packing. would you do it? okay. >> yeah. >> conan: that took guts, though, to turn that part down. >> maybe. >> conan: yeah. let's talk about the new movie, "pandorum." >> yeah. >> conan: all right, you play an astronaut? >> right. >> conan: you have played astronauts before. how many times have -- >> this is my thir
Sep 23, 2009 12:00pm EDT
think it best differential yates certain women in the industry. >> very good. >> good discussion, folks. >> congratulations on the distinction. >> thanks. >> if we were to show you this article, for every single woman it lists how many children they have. do they ever do that with men? never. how do you ever balance your life with your work? they never ask men that. >> men get married. >> i'm sorry. my husband is -- >> i would sound like a whiner if i brought that up. >> my husband is a partner. >>> moving on. say you're donald trump and you're very, very image conscience. imagine libyan leader moammar gadhafi setting up his tent on your estate? >> how bad is the pr hit to the donald? answered when we come back. [ engine powers down ] gentlemen, you booked your hotels on orbitz. well, the price went down, so you're all getting a check thanks. for the difference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're not getting a check. well, i think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. good day, gentlemen. thanks a lot. thank you. introducing hotel price assurance, where if ano
FOX News
Sep 20, 2009 4:00pm EDT
in the field want more troops and now, the republicans generally support that. so, if he ali alien yates the pc and if people don't believe you on health care why will they believe you on afghanistan and iran and russia and the idea of pushing against public trust, of saying something the public doesn't believe and saying it over and over really i think has long term consequences, and as i say it is a mystery to me why he is doing this. >> julie: michael goodwin, thank you very much, once again, welcome to news corp.! great to have you! thank you so much. >> gregg: welcome. read that, right there. >> julie: oh, a reminder for you all, you can read michael goodwin's column in its entirety. >> gregg:, i'm stunned that you lied to your mother. >> julie: i did but i was very, very young. it was a very, very long time ago. >> gregg: up believable, i'm shocked. >> julie: we're getting a hard wrap. >> gregg: hugo chavez is pulling the plug on the opposition shutting down dozens of radio stations in his country and chavez's government considers those stations a direct threat to him
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Sep 2, 2009 1:00pm EDT
to talk about it is steven yates, senior fellow with the american foreign policy council. do you buy that explanation by prime minister gordon brown? >> i do not have evidence to prove that there was no deal, but there is a law that does not add up very well. first, the united states and the united kingdom have cooperated on almost every element of counter-terrorism since 9/113 and since 2003, almost every element of our breakthrough in libya focused on them giving up wmb. -- wmd. one of the greatest acts of terrorism would involve no involvement by the united states. martha: isn't it the case that the united states and great britain communicated that may include information on this. why would that be? >> this strikes me as highly implausible that there would be no communication. this is one of the most important alliances in the world. george bush and tony blair spoke every week. something of this magnitude, there had to have been consultation. martha: do you think there will be a lot of political pressure that any communication between the united states government and great britain
Sep 4, 2009 7:00am EDT
of the yates building in northwest. the suspect was hospitalized and is expected to be okay. he is now in police custody. >>> new this morning, alexandria police are investigating a suspicious death. a man was found last night lying in the parking lot of south whiting street. he was transported to the hospital and died later and an autopsy will be done to determine the exact cause of death. >>> it is 9 minutes after 8:00. a heads up for metro rides upper next. >>> and then we'll check on the progress of the four virginia men who are expecting to touch all four continental united states in four days. >>> and he's written songs for some of the biggest names in music and now mack macin alley is out7th 7th solo album. he'll perform for us later on this morning. i saw a picture of myself and i was absolutely horrified, oh my gosh. it was the weight. i lost 26 pounds using alli. my friends were absolutely amazed. they had no idea that alli would work that well. if you stick to the guidelines that come with the starter pack, you'll do great. i actually don't mind getting on the scales now, i'
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. >> coming up, avert your eyes and ears if the name brett favre infour yates -- infuriates you. are you one of those people? >> perhaps. >> all leading to the season opener one week from today, espnews up bright and early, previewing all 32 teams division by division. it's "the blitz" preseason countdown special heading into the kickoff with the titans and steelers. mike hill your host right here on espnews. >> coming up, our top story, extensive coverage ahead on the season-long suspension of oregon's legarrette blount by oregon. stay tuned. let's hear it for nickelback! ( cheering ) ( music, words in reverse ) what could you win? i won! live nation vip concert access with scrabble at subway! play the game millions have won. everything from prius cars... to $100,000 jackpots, trips and vip concert access. play scrabble at subway... where winners eat. ♪ where winners eat. it's back to being hit with all the stresses of work. how was your weekend? it's day one of that 3 o'clock lull. and that guy who always asks, mind if i jump in? but monday night football is returning to espn, where adri
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and reading king lear and othello and hamlet with young people and yates, which is my favorite modern poets. but as soon as i read abo those thr young people being murdered by the klu klux klan in mississippi, and i just thought, they could be me. they were about my age. i just got my little vw, naturally it was the '60s, i had a little plug plastered with slogans probably. probably with a little happy face or something. and i went to roxbury. i lived in th boston suburbs my whole life. i'd never been in the black community before. that's how divided we were and by the way, still are. >> host: and you were from a fairly privileged background? >> guest: i were. my dad was a neuropsychiatrist. my mom a social worker. i'd grown up in the -- a cssic privileged suburb where a lot of doctors and lawyers, people like that lived. >> host: you wrote about having a live-in maid. >> guest: yeah. it was called newton, massachusetts. it's comparae to winecka illinois or scarsdale, new york. >> host: uh-huh. >> guest: the oy black person i evernew was the maid. and everybody out there had a maid. it seem
Sep 13, 2009 5:00am EDT
for the dedication of the field, joseph yates senior. he was the first african-american superintendent in the school district. he passed away at 83. he coached the knights for more than a decade. >> it is 66 degrees on tv hill. here's alook ahead to our next hour of "11 news sunday morning." >> how to avoid unwanted pounds during the football season. healthy tailgating menu ideas. >> we all need to pay attention to that. plus, it is never too early to start your holiday shopping. don't miss. >> plus more sports when "11 news sunday morning" continues. >> although baltimore county's decision to add speed cameras within a half-mile radius of school zones raised debate, the vote was 7-is in their favor. thankfully everyone agrees it is be good to speed. some degree on whether it is to be caught ksh ok to be caught speeding on a device. the county police chief says the technology improves public safety for cents and adults and is about safety not revenue. some argued that on-site police officers would be more effective detering not only speeding but drug activity and potential sex owe popeders. -- offen
Sep 28, 2009 12:00pm EDT
area in cobb county, georgia, metro atlanta. the offenders told the oh yates press the campsite's their only option. many are broke, unemployed. probation officers reportedly sent some there saying it's a last resort. georgia law bans sex offenders from living, working or loitering within a thousand feet of schools, churches, parks and other spots where children might gather. >>> expect the obama administration to make a big push for longer and more school days for your kids. the president and the education secretary say american kids need to keep up with kids in other nations. nearly two dozen schools in massachusetts added hours to the school day, early results are positive. other schools have added two weeks in the summer programs. >>> you've seen it, gas prices are dropping down. $2.50 the new aaa national average, 11 cents off from last month. it's because of the recession and fewer people are working. >>> do you think fuel-efficient cars are too expensive. clark howard tells us how it pays to go green. here's clark. >> have you considered buying a hybrid? well, you know, t
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